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Facebook / Twitter

A good majority of you and your parents use Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way for us to quickly get information to a lot of people. If you use one or both of these social media sites, we urge you to connect with us there as this is one of the main ways we have of relaying information regarding scholarship opportunities, application deadlines, and general announcements.


College Applications

Most college applications will be completed by mid-fall of your senior year. CLICK HERE for a detailed checklist to help you complete your college applications.


Mahomet-Seymour CUSD #3 has partnered with Parchment, a leader in e-Transcript exchange, to send high school transcripts electronically, securely and confidentially. The service is available online, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Current students will receive a Parchment account registration code from Mrs. Shore in order to setup their Parchment account. Parchment will be updated at the end of each semester with the most current transcript information.

Students and alumni simply request a transcript and designate the academic institution, organization or individual that they would like to receive it. Parchment users will be notified when their transcript request is complete. Users can also track the status of their request or view a saved copy of their transcript.

Parchment Link:

GPA & Class Rank

You will likely need your current GPA and class rank at various times throughout your senior year. This information is available to you through Skyward Family/Student Access.

Filing Dates & Deadlines

While some schools will accept applications until they are full, other schools have a very strict priorty application period (such as ISU, UIUC, and NIU). CLICK HERE for specific information about application deadlines and fees for the major state universities in Illinios.

Please be aware that for schools with priority deadlines, you must have your application completed and your transcript requested at least two weeks prior to the deadline to ensure all materials are received on time!

Essays & Personal Statements

Many college applications require the applicant to write an essay or personal statement. CLICK HERE for some strategies and suggestiosn to consider as you write your essays and statements.


As seniors, it is a good idea to compile a personal resume of your accomplishments. While a personal resume may be required of some scholarship applications, it certainly comes in handy when you are requesting a letter of recommendation as you are able to provide the letter writer with a clear and detailed list of your accomplishments. CLICK HERE for a basic sample resume.

Letters of Recommendation

If you are asked to submit a letter of recommendation as part of your college or scholarship application, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • If an application does not specifically ask for a recommendation, chances are they don't want one and submitting a letter will provide you no added advantage.
  • Ask for letters from individuals who know you well -- coaches, teachers, pastors, employers, etc. Even if the person knows you well, provide them with a personal resume so they can be aware of all of the great things you have done.
  • Do not ask for a letter and expect it to be done the next day. Be reasonable and give the writer time to put together a good letter for you. We suggest at least a week ahead of time if not longer.

ACT/SAT Scores

Ideally, you are coming into your senior year with an ACT/SAT score you are happy with.

If you are new to MSHS this year, we ask that you contact ACT or College Board to have your scores sent to us so they can be included on your transcript.

Dropping a Class as a Senior

If you plan to drop a class as a senior, it is your responsibility to okay the schedule change with any schools where you have applied. Typically, you can do this with a quick phone call to their admissions office.

Some schools, however, are very strict when it comes to changing your schedule as a senior. For example, the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) clearly states on their application that they want the classes on your application to match the classes on your final transcript. With the exception of rare situations, they do not allow for schedule changes once you have applied.

Finish Strong

Even if you are accepted by a college or university during the fall of your senior year, your work is not done. You must continue to work hard and finish your last semester strong. Colleges will receive grades from your final semester and if they see that your performance dropped significantly after your acceptance, they have the right to revoke your admission! This is not an idle threat as it does happen.

CLICK HERE for an article from USA Today that shows clear evidence that senioritis can come back to haunt you!

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Informational Meeting - September 20, 2018 - 6pm - MSHS Auditorium

College Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary from school to school. CLICK HERE to take a look at the different requirements for the major state colleges and universities in Illinois.

U of I Admission Information

Admission to the University of Illinois is becoming more and more competitive every year. CLICK HERE to see details regarding the average ACT score and class rank of the most recent class of freshmen admitted to the various programs at the U of I.

Foreign Language Requirements

There are often questions about how many years of foreign language are required for admission to certain schools. CLICK HERE for details regarding the foreign language requirements of the major state universities in Illinois. Please keep in mind that the information on this sheet is the minimum requirement. For more competitive schools, your counselor may recommend more than what is shown.

NCAA Eligibility

If you are planning to participate in collegiate level athletics, it is very imporant that your counselor is aware of this. In fact, if you have not informed your counselor already, it is possible that it may be too late as you need to have taken a certain number of core courses in high school in order to be eligible.

Additionally, you must apply to the NCAA Eligibility Center on your own. There is a fee associated with this application which can be paid with a debit or credit card.


Assuming you are interested in having money to pay for college, scholarships and financial aid are likely of great interest to you. Several online resources are available to use as you search for available scholarships.

For more detailed information on scholarship opportunities, be sure and visit the SCHOLARSHIP page on the Guidance & Counseling Website. Any scholarships we receive in the guidance office will be promptly posted on the MSHS Scholarship Board.

Additionally, these scholarships will often be announced via Facebook and Twitter. If you are a senior, this is a great way for us to communicate this information to you quickly so we strongly encourage you to join us through one or both of those social media sites.

And, please...never ever ever ever pay anyone to find scholarships for you. If you do, you're getting ripped off.

Early Graduates

If you plan to graduate at the end of first semester, please print and return a completed Early Graduate Form to your counselor as soon as possible. You will not be considered an early graduate until this completed form is turned in.

For more on early graduation, CLICK HERE.


We realize that this is a lot of information to throw at you all at once. Please do not hesitate to see your counselor with any questions you may have. If it's more convenient, feel free to email us from home and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.


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