Dual credit courses are taken at the high school and allow students to earn both college and high school credit. The following steps must be completed by students to register for one or more dual credit courses:

  1. By February 16th : All dual credit students must complete Parkland’s Early College Services application. Note – When you open this link you must apply using the “Early College Services” link only! This step will only take you a few minutes.
  2. By August 1: Parkland’s Placement Testing
    • All dual credit classes require placement testing in order to be accepted into the course by Parkland (*See SAT note below). In order to schedule testing, students call Parkland’s Early College Services office at 217-353-2663. (Students: After you have already applied to Parkland, call to let them know that you are an MSHS student planning to take dual credit next year and that you would like to set up your testing). Parkland’s testing can be completed either in-person (at Parkland) or online.
    • SAT: Students with qualifying SAT scores will be exempt from Parkland’s testing (typically, that is a 480+ Reading/Writing score and 530+ Math score (650+ for the higher dual credit physics option)).  Some students may want to wait until after they have taken the SAT (April 10th for current juniors) and use those scores (if they qualify). All testing for dual credit classes must be completed PRIOR to August 1st.

Finally, we wanted to give families an idea of the fee structure for dual credit/ECCA classes for 2024-25.  Fees will be assessed in the fall of 2024. Important Note: All fees will be waived for students who qualify for free or reduced school fees. If your family does NOT qualify for free/reduced school fees but there are other financial barriers, please reach out as we may be able to help.

  • Physics 1 (Phy120/129) 4 cr hours - approx. $55 
  • Dual Credit Physics (Phy 121/122): 10 cr hours total –  approx. $140
  • American National Govt (POS 122): 3 cr hours - approx. $45 
  • Local and State Govt (POS 124): 3 cr hours – approx. $45
  • Dual Credit English (101/102): 3 cr hours each – approx. $45 per semester
  • Medical Careers (see course guide for Parkland credits) – Free of charge (grant funded)
  • Math 107 (General Math): 3 cr hours – approx. $45
  • Math 108 (Stats): 3 cr hours – approx. $45
  • Horticulture (AGB 104): 4 cr hours - approx. $85

All fees will be assessed through Skyward with school fees in the fall. Please note that some of these courses may have additional textbook fees associated with them.

Please direct dual credit/ECCA questions to your school counselor. If you no longer wish to
take your requested dual credit course, please reach out to your counselor ASAP to let
them know what you would like to take instead.



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