Local scholarship applications are now open! The deadline for all local scholarships is 10pm on March 31st! ... APPLY HERE

Course selection for the 2024-2025 school year is underway! ... READ MORE

For parents of seniors who may have missed the Applying to College 101 presentation, you can find the MSHS slideshow HERE and the ISAC financial aid presentation HERE.

School has changed in many ways and that includes counseling services. The MSHS counseling staff would like to offer these links and videos as a quick and easy resource for answering your general questions ... READ MORE

Seniors: As you navigate the many questions you will have throughout this year, you will find answers to many of these questions by watching the videos linked above under "Remote Counselor." Once you have viewed the videos, let us know if you have any questions.

Moving to MSHS?

Are you new to MSHS and looking for a crash course on the school before the first day? You can find a checklist of items we'll need for your registration right here on our site. Additionally, many of your questions about the school's daily schedule and expectations can be found in the MSHS Student Handbook.



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