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CLEP is a national credit-by-examination program that offers an individual the opportunity to earn academic credit for college-level achievement. Each educational institution determines it own policy regarding which CLEP tests it accepts, the minimum scores required to earn academic credit, and the amount of credit awarded. Individuals interested in taking the CLEP tests should find out about the acceptability of credits earned through CLEP at their particular college or university before taking a CLEP test

CLEP tests are offered in 34 subject areas covered during the first two years of college. Five of the 34 cover material taught in the core courses required by most colleges during those two years. These tests are in the areas of mathematics, history, social sciences, English composition, natural sciences, and humanities.

CLEP exams are administered on the computer. They are 90 minutes long, and consist mainly of multiple-choice questions. Some exams may contail questions that require the candidate to fill in (type in) the answer, usually a numeric answer. Computer proficiency is not required to take a CLEP exam. The exam is preceded by tutorials ranging from how to use the basic computer skills of pointing, clicking, and scrolling, to how to answer specific kinds of questions on the computer.

The candidate has the option to see their CLEP score immediately following the exam. If they choose to see their score, it will be sent automatically to the institution they have designated as the score recipient; it cannot be canceled. The candidate will get a copy of their score before they leave the Assessment Center

Mahomet-Seymour currently does not offer CLEP exams at our school. However, students can take CLEP exams at Parkland Community College. Click HERE to learn more about how to take CLEP exams at Parkland Community College.

For more information, visit the CLEP website HERE.



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